How is evroTarget dealing with the coronavirus crisis?

The spread of coronavirus has caused global panic. Many important business processes have crashed, including production stops, broken supply chains, and there is less demand. The software development industry is also very badly affected. In many companies around the world, most employees are quarantined. Restriction of travel is also a problem. Many companies outsource their software development and therefore have to travel regularly to the service provider’s location for a personal meeting. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to maintain the meeting via Zoom, Webex, 3CX and other communication options, but it is no substitute for being personally present.

evroTarget faces the same challenge. evroTarget L.L.C specializes in outsourcing and software development and offers tailor-made solutions so that the goals of the customers are not endangered or fail due to a lack of personnel. The current situation also prevents us from having a regular personal meeting with our customers in Germany. Due to the coronavirus, we can currently only use our office to a limited extent. Our advantage, however, is that our employees can work remotely from home and the necessary communication with our customers can be maintained.

cubeTarget for the hard times

cubeTarget is a software developed by evroTarget that covers almost all areas of corporate management and thus offers additional help. With the help of our software, you have a detailed overview of the entire company from one source.

cubeTarget is a module-based system that can be created and adapted based on the requirements and needs of our customers’ management.

Especially at times when many companies are faced with the challenge of planning projects and employees well and we are struggling with the coronavirus, this system is very helpful in order to maintain an established overview of the company.

How is evroTarget dealing with the coronavirus crisis?

evroTarget has taken all necessary precautions to protect the employees from the coronavirus. This includes the implementation of hygiene safety measures and the possibility of working from home. All of our business processes continue as usual and there are no problems. We are determined to meet our commitments to our customers and continue to do a good job.