Outsource services reduce unemployment in Kosovo


Our country is facing a high unemployment rate, according to 2018 statistics, unemployment reaches 28% and is thought to be much higher. Opportunities for job creation are very small. There are only a few new businesses opening within a year in Kosovo and plays an almost insignificant role in reducing unemployment. Mostly cafes, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and clothing stores are the most numerous businesses in our country. In recent years employment in Kosovo has been greatly assisted by companies that have provided services from Kosovo to western countries such as call center, Web development, IT services and more. Among these companies is also evroTarget L.L.C based in Prishtina, which deals with customer care, inbound and outbound services. Simultaneously with the development of different software using very sophisticated technology. To sum it up, evroTarget’s main focus is to facilitate the job of its clients. evroTarget’s clients are mainly foreign companies, whose products or services are internationally recognized and used. The evroTarget workforce is concentrated in Kosovo. The services offered to their customers are mainly customer information or sales that are realized through phone calls or emails. In view of the foregoing, the main goal of evroTarget for Kosovo is to become as well known in the Kosovo labor market as a devoted employer and to give each worker individually the skills he or she needs, company expansion and create new job opportunities. evroTarget, due to its many projects with partners from Germany, is expanding day by day, creating new employment opportunities for all those with knowledge of foreign languages, with particular emphasis on German language speakers. evroTarget offers a very convenient and modern working environment. Among this, it’s employing policy includes contractual stability in full compliance with labor law, high and regular pay, training at home and abroad, health insurance, daily income, and so on. According to “evroTarget – Agenda 2020” the planned increase of 30% of the associates in the period 2019-2020 is supported by the change of location and designation of a new business facility, whose infrastructure responds to the contemporary demands, which enable evroTarget for its associates a modern environment for developing different business processes in the company and invites young people who possess a foreign language skill to join the successful journey.