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Let's achieve success together

Why us?

We love technology

We are people with experience in creating and developing optimized systems with clean code which consists in awareness and principles. We reflect on our product aspects, materials and tools.

We listen

We make decisions based on your company processes and your requirements. We consider ourselves partners with you and we do our best to be there for you and collaborate in the best way possible.

We analyze

Based on the product and the requirements that come with it, we go through an analyzing process which contains: Software specification, software design, software validation, software evolution.

We solve problems

We love challenges. We are always up to figure out how things work and how to make them easier for the users. We digitalize the process by converting the excel sheets into real database which provides process automation.

We go simple

Technology can be intimidating sometimes. We are here to create things that are easy to use and understandable and that does the job right.

We use Software Development Process


evroTarget team are able to build software that are simple and easy to use. Team work and consistency are the highest values in our company. Consistency helps a lot because it gives them the ability to test, edit or proceed with the work of each other.

Software / Web Development

  • Development of individual software
  • Database management and maintenance
  • Data structure analysis
  • Mobile application
  • Reporting applications
  • Web applications
  • Windows Applications

Customer Support

  • Optimization of service processes
  • Intersectoral customer support around the clock
  • Multilingual handling of your business processes
  • Complaint management

Inbound / Outbound

  • Account manager ticket service and hotline
  • Technical support and help desk
  • Telephone service and secretarial services
  • Telephone market research
  • Event notifications / invitations – appointments

Back Office / Procurement

  • Complaints and complaints management
  • Complete handling of cases
  • Returns management
  • Billing
  • Permit and processing contracts
  • Procurement process 

cubetarget displayed in apple products

1: Desktop


2: Tablet

evroSystem is software that includes almost all areas of corporate management and thus offers an additional helping hand.
With the help of software, you have a detailed overview of the entire company from a single source, and the evroSystem can also be specially adapted to the needs and requirements of your company.

Over 100,000 users use cubeTarget

The main purpose of evroSystem is to make our coworker’s life easier. It is build in a way that facilitates tracking and managing the working process.
Therefore, we created different modules that meet the needs of over 300 employees and external users that consists in about 1.2K user per week


Real support by real people

We are dedicated to give support to our customers and employes whenever they need us.
We created a system which is user friendly and very practical for the employees and the external users.

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