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Why evroTarget?


We take care of your clients

We treat your clients as they were our own clients and we sell your products as they are our own products. Our teams always have deep knowledge of your products, your organizational culture, and your client’s expectation.

We offer real-time high-quality support with exemplary commitment from our team members. This allows us to build long-lasting relationships between your clients and your products/services.

We analyze

Based on the product and the requirements that come with it, we go through an analyzing process which contains: Software specification, software design, software validation, software evolution.

We listen

We make decisions based on our company policies  and adjust them to your needs. We we work as partners side by side and together we collaborate in the best way possible.

We solve problems

We are not afraid of challenges. We have a clear vision and  try to implement this vision  in the best way possible so that the end  will not facy any difficulties. We digitalize the process by converting the excel sheets into real database which provides process automation.

We go simple

Technology can be intimidating sometimes. We are here to create apps that are easy to use and understandable and help to optimize the workflow but also are easy to be used from different devices.

We take care of you

Our portfolio of services is not limited only to your customer’s needs and requests, but they also include your internal organizational needs. Having significant resources in our Company, we can manage your administrative operations such as Accounting, IT, and Human Resources.

Our back-office team is always engaged to support the rest of the team and make sure that internal operations go smoothly. A great example of this would be our IT Department which supports a vast number of divisions and manages significant IT Systems in our company.

IT – Products & Outsourcing

Business Process Management

Software / Web Development

I.I. Web Development

  • Building website using : WordPress | Wix | HTML | CSS | PHP | Javascript | ASP | .NET | C#

I.II. App Development

  • Building application for iOS & Android using :  Xcode | Android Studio | Swift | C++| Java | React | Xamarin | ASP | .NET | C#
  •  MVC | MMVC

I.III. Database

  • We offer Centralized | Distributed | Federated | Blockchain database systems
  • Web Services (XML/JSON) | MS-SQL

I.IV. User Interface

  • We offer simple and flexibile interfaces for users : XLSX | XML | CSV Files

I.V. Our Products

  • CubeTarget
  • DQM
  • Incident  Management

Networking / System Administration

II.I. IT-Support

  • Unified Communication
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Custom Workflows
  • Supervisor Tools

II.II. IT-Administration

  • Directory Services
  • Mail Services
  • File Services
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Rights Management Services

II.III. IT-Security

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Email Security
  • Data Center Protection
  • Edge Network Protection

II.IV. IT-Architecture

  • SD-WAN
  • Rack and Tower Severs
  • Blade Systems
  • Converged Server

Business Process Outsourcing

III.I. Energy data management / market communication (electricity and gas)

  • Energy data processing
  • Reporting / completeness check

III.II. Supplier change procesess and measuring point operation

  • Implementation of GPKE, GeLi Gas and change processes in metrology
  • Processing incoming and outgoing exchange process messages

III.III. Processing purchasing processes

  • Processing and implementation of customer inquiries
  • Aftersales, complaint management and clarification of incoming supplier invoices

III.IV. Logistics

  • Returns management
  • Permit and processing contracts

Care / Support

IV.I. General service

  • Intersectoral customer support around the clock
  • Account manager ticket service and hotline
  • Technical support and help desk

IV.II. Fault management

  • Recording of malfunctions (cell phone, DSL, etc.)
  • Arranging appointments with fitters and technicians

IV.III. Multilingual customer support

  • Telephone service and secretarial services
  • Telephone market research

VI.IV. Languages we operate with





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Operationally in use for more than 5 years

Over 100,000 uses of cubeTarget

We built cubeTarget so we can support our teams to do their job easier and more efficiently. Easy tracking and work process management are the main features of cubeTarget. The comprehensive modules that are part of the cubeTarget, meets the needs of 300 employees and supports 1.2K external users per week.

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Real support by real people

Our user-friendly system allows your clients needs to be handled in real-time.
We give high importance to our way of communication and we ensure that your clients enjoy working with us.