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cubeTarget was designed and developed as a web-based planning software to reduce administrative and operating costs in human resources. The aim was to create a system that offers simple and intuitive use and is accessible to numerous employees in different places and times. It was also important that accurate information was recorded in real time and was accessible. Another and important intention was to develop an all-in-one system that covers a broad spectrum of administration and leaves room for individual needs.

The software offers support in employment modules, helps with a simplified overview of the annual vacation, sick leave and, of course, monthly wages.

The software can be divided into modules and sub-modules as required by the customer. Together with the customer, specific requirements and preferences can be integrated into the software, whereby an essential part of the technical requirements concept is a meaningful screen design for essential program functions. All inquiries and requests for changes are determined and processed before the start of software development.

The development process is then carried out using an agile approach, whereby the customer is provided with regular software versions for testing. In this way, requests for changes or additions can be adapted at an early stage.

cubeTarget is a software that includes almost all areas of the company management and also offering support in employment modules. With the help of software, you have a detailed overview of the entire company in a single source. You can also watch our video which goes into detail on how cubeTarget works.

evroTarget L.L.C started in 2016 as branch of evroenergie L.L.C which was established in 2011 and is part of the HORIZONTE Group AG. evroTarget currently employs around 250 people and is constantly trying to create new jobs through new projects.

In order to promote our offspring, we put a lot of value and responsibility in their hands, under constant supervision and advice, and sometimes leave the young and creative brains to the steering wheel, thus ensuring the ongoing valuation and work philosophy of the company.

The aim of evroTarget is to offer high-quality, reliable services and products that are tailored to individual customers. Thanks to years of experience and the constant dedication of our employees, we can show a wide range of different industries and countless satisfied customers.

With our know-how, highly developed technology, and dedicated team, we offer you the best and most modern solution, because your customer satisfaction is our (customer) success.