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Server Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Replication, High Availability

Voip and Video Collaboration

Unified Communication, Voice and Video endpoints, Voice Message Conferencing, Audio/Video

Data Center System Services

Directory Services, Mail Services, File Services, Remote Desktop Services, Rights Management Services

Network Security

Advanced Malware Protection,
E-mail security,
Edge network protection,
Data center protection

Network Architecture

Campus, Branch & Mobile Infrastructure
Routing & Switching
Data Center Networking
Network Security
Network Management Mobility
Controller Based Wi-Fi
Mobility express Wi-Fi

Networking & Collaboration (IAAS & SAAS)

WAN Infrastructure
Cloud Internet Edge Security
Cloud VoIP and Video Collaboration
Cloud Conferencing, Cloud Mobility Solutions
Contact Center Inbound/Outbound Campaigns
Custom Workflows
Supervisor Tools

Data Storage Integration

Flash and Hybrid Storage,
NAS and file Object Storage,
Software Defined Storage,
Storage Replication and Availability services

Customer Care / Support

Contact Center,
Inbound/Outbound Campaigns,
Custom Workflows,
Supervisor Tools

Software Defined & Intelligent WAN

Network Based
Over the top
Statik network based iWAN, WAAS

Server Infrastructure

Rack and Tower Servers,
Blade Systems,
Converged Server,
Software Defined,
Infrastructure & Automation

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