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Make your company’s life easier

cubeTarget is software that includes almost all areas of corporate management and thus offers an additional helping hand.
With the help of software, you have a detailed overview of the entire company from a single source, and the cubeTarget can also be specially adapted to the needs and requirements of your company.





cubeTarget is module-based system. It is created exclusively in accordance with management needs and requirements. evroSystem consists of 11 modules:

Salary | Reports | Administration | Notifications | Monitoring | Advanced payments | Employees | Vacations | Holidays | Contracts | Working hours


The solution for your optimal rollout.

Conception of an efficient rollout strategy in intellectual metrology

Flexible adjustment of the rollout strategy in the event of changing framework conditions e.g. Communication standards, payment technology

Rollout consists of 3 modules:
RollOnIce | Incident Management | Data Quality Management

rollout on 3 different devices

RrollOut software


The solution for your optimal rollout


Vacancies module

Your challenges…

The conception of an efficient Rollout strategy in intelligent metrology flexible adjustment of the rollout strategy at changed framework conditions (e.g. Communication standards, meter technology)

Use our web-based Rollout solution and increase your efficiency

Advantages of our solutions

  • Based on long-term project and process experience in the energy sector
  • Targeted development for the development of rollout strategies
  • System-independent online operation any place at any time
  • Use of the common master data models and the MeLo / MaLo logic


  • Calculation and comparison of costs and redeeming various Rollout strategies
  • Orientation to normative requirements such as a change of cycle, random samples, POG groups and conversion rates
  • Integration of Google Maps ™ for visual representation of the Rollout strategy
  • Information flows from the Rollout can be deposited and be used
Data Quality Management

Increase the quality of your data across systems

Your challenges…

Different master data within your system landscape

High manual need to clean up data inconsistencies

Use our web-based platform for digital comparison of your master data

Data Quality Management-laptop-mockup

Vacancies module

Advantages of our solutions

  • Use of common master data models and automatic error detection and control
  • Use of already implemented interfaces to reduce the implementation effort
  • Creation of monitoring to avoid further inconsistencies (continuous improvement process)


  • Connection of different systems via manual standard interfaces or web services
  • Setting the master data management system for each master data type
  • Automated comparison of master data and generation of exports in the event of data inconsistencies
  • Simple, individual setting of reports across your systems
Incident Management

Solve the challenges of malfunctions in intelligent measurement technology

Incident Management-laptop mockup

Vacancies module

Your challenges…

Installation of new measurement technology will lead to unexpectedly high storage rates

Input sources of faults are diverse (e.g. existing systems, New systems or customer contact)

Use our web-based solution for the administration and elimination of future disruptions at mME and iMS

Advantages of our solutions

  • Connection of potential sources of disruption via web service or data interface (VA, GWA, MSM etc.)
  • Use of the common master data models and the MeLo /MaLo logic
  • Easy management, aggregation and evaluation of your tickets
  • Issue of clearance orders when the respective ticket priorities are exceeded


  • Receiving faults from different sources (automated prioritization, categorization and analysis)
  • Monitoring and determination of measures for troubleshooting
  • Long-term monitoring and pattern recognition
  • Monitoring of deadlines from WiM and co.