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Software Development

We offer you a variety of different and compatible services. Concrete work schemes are specially designed for the needs and requirements of your company to increase your customer satisfaction. Thanks to our wide range of services, you can get all the answers to your questions at a single point of contact. You also receive our services in seven different languages:

German | English | French | Italian | Spanish | Albanian | Turkish

Reporting applications

A self-contained program with an interface that helps the user accomplish reporting tasks. In order to create a professional and secure reporting application, we focus on three main points:

  • Self-service analytics

Lower cost, less complexity and security risks of multiple solutions which has analytic platform from individuals to the whole enterprise.

  • Smart tools for solid results

Find and share insights with many data visualizations, built-in tight Excel integration, pre-built and custom data connectors

  • Protect your analytics data

Classify data and avoid data loss by creating capabilities to keep them secured and manageable even when exported

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Web Applications

A web application is a client–server software application that is hosted in a web browser. It can be an internal application used by the company only or as an online system available to customers. Somehow web applications look and feel like native applications but are not implemented as such.

We tend to use innovative web frameworks and libraries with the same software code base for desktop and mobile devices. This way, the web application can easily convert to a native mobile application if needed.

Database Management and Maintenance

Database management involves designing, implementing and supporting stored data.

A business needs database management in order to run business operations, organize and track customers, inventory and employees, store data, data structure analyses.

Through evroSystem database management we can manage employees, contracts, holidays, workflow, projects.

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Windows Applications

evroTarget team is able to build a windows application which has a graphical user interface that is provided by Windows Forms. Windows forms provide a variety of controls including Button, TextBox, Radio Button, CheckBox, and other data and connection controls. To design a suitable web application we use IDE Microsoft Visual Studio with a variety of languages, like: C#, C++, Visual Basic.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design adapts text size, content, layout, and navigation tools to various screen sizes and functionalities.

Considering that recently more than 50 percent of the user search from their mobile phones, we work continuously in creating responsive design for our websites and applications.

Our team made up by developers and designers have developed responsive web designs. Our pages render well on variety of devices and window screen sizes. Everything gets tested and previewed across all devices, before publishing.

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Data Structure Analysis

Data Structure Analysis enables analyses of logical data structures and transformations of logical data structures.

There are some useful analysis tools that can help get better results through the process.

  • Alias analysis
  • Pointer analysis
  • Shape analysis

Individual Software Development

With digitization and the increasing mechanization of everyday life and the world of work, software and applications are playing an increasingly important role. Software is an important tool in the organization and working of people and helps to manage the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century with various connections.

Standard software can often not cover all the requirements and needs of the customer or the employee, can work processes,

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Mobile applications

evroTarget is specialized in designing and developing mobile apps for iOS and Android.

We have a team full of creativity, imagination and experience. We opt to build mobile apps that offer technical, engaging and reliable solutions responding to our client’s requirements.

We develop for every platform and adapt our development methods to your needs.

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cubeTarget – a software that saves time and money

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cubeTarget was designed and developed as a web-based planning software to reduce administrative and operating costs in the area of ​​human resources.
The aim was to create a system that offers simple and intuitive use and is accessible to numerous employees in different places and times. It was also important that accurate information was recorded in real time and was accessible. Another and important intention was to develop an all-in-one system that covers a broad spectrum of administration and leaves room for individual needs.
The software offers support in employment modules, helps with a simplified overview of the annual vacation, sick leave and, of course, monthly wages.

The software can be divided into modules and sub-modules as required by the customer. Together with the customer, specific requirements and preferences can be integrated into the software, whereby an essential part of the technical requirements concept is a meaningful screen design for essential program functions. All inquiries and requests for changes are determined and processed before the start of software development.

The development process is then carried out using an agile approach, whereby the customer is provided with regular software versions for testing. In this way, requests for changes or additions can be adapted at an early stage.


  • All in one – simple and user-friendly
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Custom reporting
  • Customer service
  • Precise forecasts / predictions


  • Working time recording according to planning
  • Monthly schedules for projects, teams and individual employees, in line with a forecast by contractors or supervisors
  • Wages and salaries can be taken based on working hours, which are very accurate and understandable for every employee
  • Project controlling: Monitoring reports for project managers, employees and controllers, which can be created both from the work plan and from the MONITORING module
  • Management of project-related templates for individual customers
  • flexible account calculation, including management of working hours
  • Vacation management
  • Sick leave management taking into account data protection law aspects
  • Excel exports for all tabular views of the application software


  • Human Resource Management (HR)
  • Compensation / remuneration
  • Pay slip
  • Employee performance
  • Termination
  • Benefits and grants

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