The importance of work-life balance


What is work-life balance? 

Work life balance is the practice of maintaining equilibrium between personal and professional life.  

This allows people to maximize their productivity and complete tasks efficiently, while also ensuring that personal wellbeing is being taken care of. This includes spending quality time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies and interests, or simply allowing yourself to fully rest guilt-free.  

Work plays a significant role in all our lives. Especially nowadays when the inflated costs of living are rising every day, there is growing pressure on all of us to work harder and achieve more. While a decent work ethic is admirable and ambitious, this can often lead to burnout. 

Here are some reasons why work-life balance is important to both employees and companies:  

Increases productivity 

Studies reveal that maintaining a healthy work-life balance leads to better results in the workplace. This is mostly due to decreased stress levels and mental well-being which can directly impact productivity. Introducing a better time management strategy in your daily routine can bring you a lot of benefits. It can make you more focused and present, thus increasing productivity and motivation. 

It boosts creativity 

Regardless of your line of work, everyone encounters problems in day-to-day basis that require creative problem-solving skills. It is quite difficult to think creatively and solve problems while being stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed. However, when your life is balanced in these areas, ideas start to flow, and you create space for clear and effective thinking.  

Better Physical and Mental Health  

“Healthy body, healthy mind” 

Every culture around the world has a similar version of that saying. Historically, we have been aware of the links between the two. Nourishing the body is equally as important as nourishing the mind.  

Physical activity generates endorphins, which are the hormones that release stress and create a feeling of well-being and positivity. 

How to improve it:

The first step to improving work-life balance is to define what exactly it means for you.  

For some, it means getting a few minutes or exercise, a quick meditation session, getting a snack etc.… 

Taking these short breaks can help relieve some of the stress and help the body and mind re-energize. 

Here are some quick tips on how to improve it: 

  • Prioritize your tasks and complete them by importance 
  • Take days off  
  • Take time to rest, physically and mentally 
  • Implement daily exercise in your routine 
  • Take breaks throughout the day 
  • Spend time with your loved ones 
  • Be available for hobbies


Simply put, when we have time for our personal lives and our careers, we are happier! 

On average, we spend one-third of our lives working. Now that you know the importance of work-life balance, you can start making career choices based on your wellbeing.  

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