Why work at evroTarget?


“Collaborative, rewarding, challenging” 

The three adjectives that we aspire our employees will use when asked “What is it like working at evroTarget?” 

This year, same as last year, we decided to reward all our team members with a pay raise, with the intent to show appreciation for their efforts, and motivate them to continue with their arduous work and dedication.  

Our continuous success is the result of collective effort, so we work together, and celebrate together! 

We do not see the members of our team as just employees, rather we often refer to them as partners or coworkers of this company. 

These are the steps we have taken over the years to invest in a successful company and fantastic work environment: 

Company Culture 

A positive work environment leads to increased productivity. Company culture is a set of shared values, standards, attitudes and behaviors that characterize an organization. Concisely, it is the way people feel about the kind of work they do, the values they believe in, and the overall working environment. When a company has a good company culture, employees are productive, committed, energized and excited to show up at work! 

This is made up of many factors such as: how the organization treats its employees, opportunities for professional growth and development, a healthy work-life balance, recognition, and rewards for accomplishments, healthy communication between employees and managers. 

Competitive pay  

evroTarget currently offers the highest paying wages in the market. Our aim is to target the top talent for our positions.  

The most common reason an employee quits is because they’ve found another job that pays better. In a dynamic and demanding market, it is highly likely that employees feel confident that after leaving their current jobs, they will find another one quickly. So, supplying a competitive salary improves workers’ overall satisfaction as well as ensures to keep talent within the company. In addition to that, workers that seemingly consider they’re being paid fairly are more likely to go the extra mile to achieve the company’s goals and deliver better results.

Full health care, covered by the company 

 We want to protect our most important asset, our people! 

There are many benefits to offering health insurance to team members. By offering health insurance, we are ensuring employee wellness, and reassuring that if something goes wrong. We have you covered! Being worried about aspects of their personal life such as health, can be a distraction and affect their work. That is why we supply an insurance policy that protects our workforce and ensures employee wellness.  

Encouraging wellness through Relax Rooms  

Many of us spend extended periods of time sitting at a desk, in the same position which causes a lot of strain in our bodies. That is where the Relax Room comes in!

We are aware that healthy and happy employees create a more productive workforce, which is why we have created a space where everyone can take a few minutes to recharge their batteries, strech, grab a snack and unwind.

Opportunities to grow professionally 

In an ever-changing workplace climate, there comes a need for constant skill learning. One of the ways to enhance different skills is through training. Depending on the nature of work, or training needed, we supply opportunities for all employees to improve their job skills through various training programs, fully covered by our company.